Zetas and more

Apparently the military arrested a top Zeta in Monterrey on Aug. 29. Juan Francisco Zapata Gallegos, aka El Billy, was the jefe of the Monterrey plaza, or drug smuggling turf.

That’s a pretty big bust, given the trouble Los Zetas have been causing in Monterrey of late. Of course, it doesn’t mean they won’t replace him, but it’s still a good get. I didn’t see it reported much, so thought I’d mention it now.

Incidentally, anyone know how much a jefe de plaza makes these days? According to a counter-drug official I talked to a while back, the jefe of the Ciudad Juarez plaza makes around $1 million a week. Not bad, if you can survive it for, well, a week or so. I welcome any input on what other jefes de plaza make if anyone knows.

Again incidentally, I am once again predicting that El Lazca, the head of Los Zetas, will be the next man to fall. I know I’m kinda all over the place with these unfounded predictions, but I’m guessing that I’m guessing right this time.

PS – El Universal has a piece on La Barbie’s arrest, and the apparent story behind the officially concocted story. I wouldn’t want to be in Garcia Luna’s shoes. If he made up the story about the operativo, then I reckon he’s getting a serious grilling from Calderon right now. Would be interesting if he were to survive allegations of cartel links only to be removed for taking credit for a raid that never happened.

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