the bloodiest January in 16 years

When 2009 ended with a bang (the death of El Barbas Beltran Leyva) we all knew it would mean bloodshed for 2010. But only 11 days into January, Sinaloa and Ciudad Juarez are erupting.
Sinaloa has registed 72 homicides already this January, more than the whole of January 2009.
Ciudad Juarez, meanwhile, has 100 for the year so far.

An average of 5,000 people have died in the war on drugs and organized crime annually over the past three years, with the number rising. About 20,000 are being locked up every year. An estimated 500,000 people work in the drug trade.

The war should be over in 20 years. That is, of course, if nobody steps in the fill the vacuum, which of course, won’t happen.

PS – Sinaloa’s record for homicides occurred in 1993. Does anyone know what happened that year in the state? Chapo was arrested in June, but the killings began earlier in the year. I know the Arellano Felix brothers were encroaching on the Sinaloa plaza at the time, but if anyone can explain the high homicides that year with more clarity, please do.

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