Apologies for those who are in Mexico and follow this more closely than I do, but I just stopped chatting to a Sinaloan friend, and was told that Jesus Vizcarra, the gubernatorial candidate who allegedly had ties to El Mayo Zambada, has left the country to a new life in San Diego.
This is news to me, in part, because I had no idea he had lost this summer’s gubernatorial elections. I had simply assumed he’d won. While a lot of media attention was focused on the PRI falling in Oaxaca, I didn’t see anything on the PRI being toppled in Sinaloa (Not that this means it wasn’t reported, i just didn’t see it). The PRI has never been out of power in Sinaloa, and as we all know, was responsible for the nice little behind-the-scenes arrangement with the local narcos.

Good for the people of Sinaloa, voting for change even if change may bring with it uncertainty and fear. As my friend says, “Where there’s PAN, there’s more terror. Where there’s PRI, they make agreements with the narcos and there’s less terror.”

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