Paulette again

In El Universal, Carlos Loret de Mola asks a few questions regarding the Paulette case. I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Link in title of the post.)

How is it possible that from the 22nd to the 28th of March, two reconstructions took place but no one searched Paulette’s bed, the last place she’d been seen alive?

How is it possible that Amanda de la Rosa slept in the same bed for four days without noticing anything unusual?

How is it possible that a corpse wasn’t detected by one of the roughly 200 people – police, detectives, journalists, relatives, friends, the chief prosecutor – who entered the 300-square meter (thanks for noting my error David) apartment during the week that Paulette was missing?

He’s got more questions, of course, which you can read in his piece. Keep the pressure on, folks. This case shouldn’t be allowed to go away like so many have before it. Mexico needs to move forward, and moving forward by just letting things slide isn’t the right way.

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