Hitchens vs. the Pope

Chris Hitchens is crazy and non-believing as ever. And I love it. In his latest article he calls for the pope to be detained and/or subpoenaed for questioning in the “child-rape scandal.” (Link to article in title of post.)
He also says that this whole affair is “a question of crime—organized crime”.
He’s got a point.

Organized crime is an easy tag to throw out; after all, definitions vary. But almost all international definitions of organized crime do at least have one common denominator: three or more people coming together and organizing to commit a crime repeatedly over a sustained period of time.

So, a one-off doesn’t really count, which might unfortunately exonerate a few dirty priests (we’ve seen that here in Mexico, with some drug traffickers). But in the Church’s case, it’s clear that more than three people were involved in allowing these shenanigans to continue, and that the offenses did continue for a sustained period of time.

I back Hitchens on this one: bring the Church to justice. God shouldn’t be the judge here, a jury of peers should.