Gambia cocaine bust

One billion dollars’ worth of cocaine has been seized in Gambia. Although an incredible seizure, this actually backs up claims by intelligence officials who fear that West Africa has become an uncontrollable hub of cocaine trafficking. Because according to the conventional logic regarding drug trafficking, if the authorities seized $1 billion worth, the odds are that much much more has actually passed through without detection. And Gambia is usually regarded as one of West Africa’s more lawful, stable countries (although in recent years it has dropped a point or two in that respect.)

3 thoughts on “Gambia cocaine bust”

  1. The fact that the BBC calls it "The Gambia" is one of the more amusing American-British linguistic differences I've seen in a long time.

  2. Wikipedia can be our friend. The Gambia is the name of the country… officially "The Republic of The Gambia". It's only about 30 miles wide, on both banks of The Gambia River.

    Anyway, is this bad? Mexico could go back to our ordinary decent marijuana and opiate smuggling if we didn't have those cocaine transshippers here.

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