Concerns for US agents

One interesting thing to emerge from the Wikileaks cables from Mexico is the threat to US agents/officials. Back in March 2009, Chapo and various cronies allegedly “discussed the use of violence against American and/or Mexican government buildings,” according to a US Justice Department indictment. Chapo also reportedly ordered his people to target US law enforcement if they got in the way of shipments. According to a high-ranking DEA official in Washington, threats have also been made toward DEA agents in Mexico, but no one has reached the point of taking serious action – the thugs have been more of the yahoo variety, lobbing out threats but never following up.

According to one US Embassy cable, 10 Mexican law enforcement officers who work with DEA in Mexico have been killed since 2007; 51 FBI contacts have been killed.

Lastly: “We do know from sources that cartel members have at least contemplated the possibility of doing harm to both our personnel and institutions, but we frankly don’t know enough about how DTO members think and operate to know what factors might trigger a decision to mount such an attack, but the potential threat is very real.”

Here’s one possible scenario: My belief (and it is just a belief and an unfounded one at that) is that Chapo has made contingency plans for his eventual fall. If and when the military capture or kill him, my belief is that the repercussions will be felt in Mexico City and elsewhere. I can well imagine Chapo ordering that should he go down, his men should attack PGR headquarters or target high-ranking officials, for instance.

Just a thought, and hopefully the Mexican authorities will seriously think through the consequences before taking him on in the hills of Sinaloa or Durango, or wherever he is.