Chapo's facebook friends

Ever wonder who the people are who create Facebook and MySpace pages for famous narcos? I chatted with one recently – he runs a facebook site for Joaquin El Chapo Guzman.
Why do you do it?
First of all, I’m not an admirer, he says. He joined a group out of curiosity (he’s actually from Spain) and was “moved by the exoticism” of being able to support such a character. He then became the administrator.

The guy who runs the facebook site was surprised to see how Chapo is seen as an idol. “I don’t deny that there is a certain romanticism surrounding this man, his novel of a life, his fight against the institutions, his way of figuring out how to win over disenchanted sectors of society…”

His argument is one i’ve heard a million times, in Mexico and beyond, and not always regarding Chapo. And I see it as a fundamental problem: everyone is admiring the wrong people. For some reason, we are always admiring and trying to follow in the footsteps of celebrities, criminals – people who operate outside of society’s rules. While some of them are to be admired – and I will admit that I do admire some of Chapo’s qualities, his perseverance, his business-savvy, his smarts – couldn’t we simply admire the normal people of this world? The mother and father who both have jobs and manage to raise their kids and teach them decent values? The teacher who actually goes to class every day of the year? (no, Ms. Gordillo, not your bunch) The politician who is honest and actually does his best to improve his country? The hard-working, normal person who abides by the law and doesn’t seek fortune or fame?

I know, I’m being an idealist and more than a bit preachy – sometimes opportunities/prospects and even role models are very hard to find in Mexico. But look harder – within every police department, there’s at least one cop who won’t take a bribe; not all politicians are crooks; some teachers decide it’s not wise to go on strike even if their pay is abhorrent; plenty of taxi drivers won’t rob you; and so on.
i think it’s time mexicans (and the rest of the world) start looking up to the right people, and set society back on track.