Chapo to be captured within 90 days

“We’re aggressively going after El Chapo,” former DEA chief of operations Michael Braun tells the Washington Times. “I’ll make a prediction that he’ll be captured within 90 days.”

Quite a bold claim. For those unfamiliar with Braun, he’s the guy who’s been warning of Mexican cartel activity in West Africa and possible links with Islamist terrorist groups. He’s also consistently praised Mexican efforts to go after the big capos, and brushed aside conspiracy theories about the government protecting Chapo. He always insists that Chapo will be caught or killed. (Late last year I talked to him and he said Chapo was a “dead man walking,” which he also told the Wall Street Journal. He’s former DEA, but still works closely with Mexican authorities in an advisory role.

Ninety days is a serious timeframe. I’m going to talk to Braun tomorrow hopefully, and try to shed some light on this. Stay tuned, the countdown to the capture begins.