Chapo caught in Colima?

There are some rumours floating around that Chapo was captured in Colima on Monday and transferred to Mexico City. A US source says it’s not true; I also would find it hard to believe that Calderon wouldn’t have mentioned it in his speech today.

Unless they’re awaiting DNA test confirmation, of course.

Incidentally, the government also released numbers on arrests since December 2006: 24 percent of those arrested have been from the Pacific cartel (Sinaloa), 28 percent from Gulf-Zetas, 16 percent were Beltran Leyva, 4 percent from La Familia, 12 percent Tijuana.

That’s the exact same percentage of Sinaloa cartel members arrested that the administration released around April. The percentage has remained exactly the same over the course of 8 months? Hmm…