Bye, bye La Barbie

So, the Texan (La Barbie) has been captured – alive. I’ll leave the analysis and speculation to the newspapers, but I just want to point out two quick things:

1) Yet another former Chapo crony goes down, while Chapo remains free. Clearly, breaking away from the big boss is a bad business move. You lose his protection, and perhaps even risk his betrayal. Who knows how they got La Barbie (who tipped them off, etc) but it’s clear that staying close to Chapo is the way to go. How long that will last, no one knows.

2) Yesterday, more than 3,000 federal police were removed from the force because of corruption/incompetence. Federal police were also responsible for catching La Barbie. In articles about Mexico, one always reads about “Mexico’s notoriously corrupt police.” This latest capture proves that although there are many corrupt cops in Mexico, there are also some hardworking, honest and determined ones. Let’s not forget that and tarnish the whole force with the same brush.