Ah, the Internet

In honor of the Internet, with which I am rapidly becoming more disillusioned, I thought I’d just point out that one particular story circulating about Chapo is absolutely not true. Of course, there are tons of these, but this particular one is absurd. It claims that Chapo thanked US lawmakers for keeping drugs illegal, because it has boosted his business. (Link in title of post.)

This is a spoof, written originally by a Huffington Post satirist. Please people, take things with a grain of salt. I really don’t want to receive another email from a supposedly intelligent reporter/editor asking me if I have investigated this story. It is a joke. I wish HuffPost would make that more clear on their site, but as they don’t, it’s up to us normal folk to use our little brains to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

I guess I miss journalistic institutions, where facts are checked, reporters/editors are fair and balanced, fabrication is frowned upon and rumours dismissed as such.

PS – The HuffPost piece is quite amusing though.