14-year-old killer

This story about Edgar Jimenez, the American-born 14-year-old who says he was kidnapped and forced to work for the Cartel del Pacifico Sur is tragic. He allegedly beheaded four victims during his time working for the cartels. Every time I read about one of these kids who has been co-opted and turned into a monster I get the shivers. Some psychologists believe that these kids are already devils, capable of killing and torture. But I’m not convinced: I think that a lot of them are simply at an age where they are easily influenced, easily swayed and turned into monsters by their bosses – knowing full well that they’ll simply be killed if they don’t do the bosses’ bidding. It’s very like child soldiers in Africa; they barely know better so get turned easily, and their senses and emotions are subsequently numbed through drugs and other substances.
Tragic, that’s all I can say.